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Finding the Right Care Facility


We offer a consumer free, complete and personalized service for seniors in search of a home away from home.

At Senior Care Connection we know that searching for the appropriate housing or care for yourself or a loved one can be an emotional and time consuming process. The diversity of existing housing models, the differences in programs, levels of care, licensure, the fee structure and many other aspects of the services offered can make the decision making process nearly overwhelming.

But you don't have to do this all alone. We can assist you step by step to find the most suitable housing or care for your individual needs. As you weigh your options, here is SCC’s helpful tips for selecting a care facility for your loved one.

Tips for Finding the Right Facility


Tip#1: Unless your loved one is used to an upscale environment and has unlimited funds, do not pay for luxury. Pricier does not necessarily mean better! Home is where you are safe, loved and cared for and if it also looks like what you are used to, it’s a winner! Do not pay for the fancy chandelier or the couch, especially if the care is not there.

Tip#2: Remember, as Mom or Dad age, they will need more care. As much as possible, their resources need to stretch to cover the increased care. Be frugal and spend wisely. 

Tip#3: Educate yourself on the models, cost, differences, etc.  but your gut feeling is important too. If you enter a community and you feel something is wrong…. most likely something is wrong!  Look, listen, talk to the residents and staff, ask questions.

Tip#4:  If staff and residents look relaxed, happy and have smile on their faces, you have entered a home with a nurturing, rewarding and healthy culture. Good start.

Tip#5: Is the Administrator (Executive Director) accessible, friendly, knowledgeable  and real? Invisible Administrators, glued to their desks, are not able to run a safe, active and happy community. They are most likely better with numbers than people.

Tip#6: Do not let fancy names, French menu items, complicated levels of care and fee schedule  intimidate you. Get to the bottom of things. Ask the facility to tell you what it means.

Tip#7: If you have made an appointment with the facility, go a little earlier, talk to the residents, smell the food, ask to have lunch or dinner, get a feel for the community. Can you see your loved ones there? Do they fit in? Good care facilities welcome your interaction and involvement.

Tip#8: Actively participate in the process, stand by your loved ones, help them to get used to the idea, make sure they get involved and ask their questions, help them go through the transition and adjust to their new home. Become part of the community.

Good luck. You have done well. Remember SCC team is always available to you, to answer your questions or  point you to the right direction. Call us for a free consultation and let our team support you through the entire process!