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Senior Care Connection is a full service company providing customized solutions to the specific care and housing needs of seniors in the great state of California.

What We Do

Senior Care Connection takes a holistic and client centered approach to senior services. Through a team of elder care professionals and a network of senior housing facilities, we have been able to help seniors at home or in transition to maintain a safe and dignified life style fitting their physical, emotional and financial needs. 

Our Services

Our services include: In-Home Care, Geriatric Care Management, Placement Assistance and related services as needed. Our mission is to provide our clients with the best solution for their specific needs. We know that searching for the appropriate housing or care can be an emotional and time consuming process. The diversity of housing and care models, differences in programs, levels of care, licensure, fee structures, etc. can be overwhelming.

You Are Not Alone!

To start your search and connect with a Senior Care Consultant please complete our contact form or contact us 

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