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Tips for Making Moving Easier for a Loved One with Alzheimer’s

September 10, 2018

People who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease frequently have problems adapting to change. This can make moving, which is already a logistical challenge, a big emotional challenge as well. If you plan to move your loved one into your own home or an assisted living facility, you should be prepared to do so in a way that will make the transition as smooth and comfortable as possible. Here are some tips from a provider of senior in home care service in San Jose, CA to keep in mind while moving a person with Alzheimer’s. Plan thoroughly As much as you can,... View Article

Mealtime Tips When Caring for Someone with Alzheimer’s

July 12, 2018

If you’ve ever cared for someone with Alzheimer’s disease in either your personal or professional life, you know just how much more difficult every single aspect of their day becomes. Mealtime is one area in which you’ll need to make some efforts to address the person’s needs and take some extra considerations into account. Here’s some information from a provider of senior home care in San Jose, CA about some things you should keep in mind for mealtimes when caring for a person with Alzheimer’s disease. Purchasing and preparing meals If you have a person with Alzheimer’s living with you,... View Article

Modifying the Home to Accommodate a Person with Parkinson’s Disease

July 11, 2018

Parkinson’s is an example of a progressive disease, with symptoms often arising in stages rather than all at once. As the disease progresses, life can become more difficult. Therefore, it’s important for caretakers of people with Parkinson’s disease to learn how they can adapt to the daily living processes of the person, and also modify their home to accommodate that person’s changing needs. Here are some tips from a home care agency in San Jose, CA about how you can better adapt your home for a person with Parkinson’s disease: Floor surfaces: People with Parkinson’s tend to have a harder... View Article