Alzheimer's Disease Awareness

Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness

November 19, 2018

Since 1983, November has served as Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness month.
I am dedicating this poem to our beloved client Verdis and all of those wonderful people who battle forgetfulness every day with courage, resilience and grace. They teach us lessons of humility and sacrifice on daily basis.

Written by Mina Nickon
November 2018

The deep purple flowers I see through the window brings a smile to my face!
I don’t remember the name of this flowering tree but I know I had one just like this in my garden years ago.
It was my pride and joy for so long!

I may be demented as my doctor says often, but I am not “Dementia”!

The sparkling eyes and sweet laughter of this child near me brings a rush of joy to my heart. She may be my flesh and blood, I don’t remember her name but I know that face, she is a big part of my life!

I may not know who she is, my daughter or granddaughter, but I know I love her so much.

I may be demented as I hear from people whispering around me many times but I am not “Dementia”!

The nice man who comes through the door may be my father or husband or son! I can’t remember his name or the relationship but I know he is also a big part of my life and I know he loves me so much.

I may be demented as the next door neighbor repeated several times, but I am not “Dementia”!

The kind and familiar touch of my helper brings life to me every day.
I don’t remember her name but she is there for me day and night. She is my angel when I open my eyes.

I know what I like, I enjoy walking, though I may end up in places I don’t plan to, but I love to walk.

I know what food I like, may not know the name or the recipe but I know the smell, the taste and look of what I like.

I may be demented as I hear the word every day, they say to each other about me, but I am not “Dementia”.

I am a person full of love, likes and dislikes, and I feel everything at my gut level despite of “Dementia”.

So Love me for who I am, and respect me for the person I am. I may have dementia, but I am not “Dementia”!

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